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Pro-X2 Elbow Pads

You can't wear bulky, uncomfortable pads that hold you back. But when the elements turn against you, it could put you on the sideline, and you can't let that happen. With Pro-X2 Elbow Pads, you have the protection you need, when you need it. The rest of the time, you won't even know it's there. Go ride!

Featuring SmartFlex™: Flexible as you Ride. Hardens on Impact.

  • ?Comfortable: Lightweight, flexible pads giving you total comfort during any ride
  • ?Body-mapped impact absorbing SmartFlex™pads
  • ?Secured: Compression sleeves with silicone gripper to keep your pads secure
  • ?Ventilated: Stay cool with ventilated pads and moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ fabric
  • ?30 day return policy

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Customer Reviews

Avg 4.8 out of 5 Stars (49 Reviews)
nice product
BY ver Jan 10, 2020
Very comfortable and fits me like a glove!
Worth it
BY William Dec 25, 2019
They fit well and are more comfortable that regular pads.
Peace of mind
BY Zack Dec 25, 2019
These pads are light and comfortable. Love them!!
Decent and comfy
BY Simon Dec 24, 2019
Pretty good when wearing it but some flaws. I measured myself and I was at the higher end of the medium in both bicep and forearm size. Medium was an okay fit that could be better. The bicep was good, slightly tight but it sure won't move. The forearm on the other hand was loose for me. Also, the lack of silicon on the forearm is a bit concerning since it can ride up the arm. I haven't fallen yet (knock on wood) but I knocked my elbow into some hard surface to try and I didn't feel a thing. Probably not a good choice to slide so learning to roll if skating is a must.
Xmas gift fit great
BY Lisa Dec 22, 2019
BY Mark Dec 18, 2019
Love them!
BY Kenneth Dec 13, 2019
Great buy!
Good stuff
BY Martin Dec 13, 2019
Great product. I love it.
Elbow guards
BY Christopher Dec 7, 2019
Same as the knee guards, perfect!!!
Comfy Fit
BY Trey Dec 6, 2019
These XL's fit snug but work very well. I use them while reffing hockey and love them so far. Light, breathable and the rubber on the cuff holds them in place very well.
Elbow Saver
BY Matt Nov 30, 2019
I always hit my elbow in the same spot falling in mini ramps. These pads help save my body while being hidden under a shirt.
Fits and stay's put!
BY Kyle Nov 19, 2019
Ordered these elbow pads after trying pads from POC and Alpinestars. Both POC and Alpinestars would simply not stay put. When riding casually they were fine but when things got rowdy (when I want pads the most) they would slide down my arm and become uncomfortable and frankly not cover the spots they were intended to cover. Enter the Pro-X2 Elbow pads from G-Form. At first they were a bit tight but I gave them a chance. After roughly 10 rides they are broken in, fit perfect, and don't move on! Best part is they are not nearly as bulky as their competition! Would buy them again and very interested to see how they hold up over time.
You almost forget you're wearing them
BY Evan Nov 18, 2019
I bought the knee pads as well as the elbow pads and they are great. The only issue I've had is that I believe their sizing is way off. I ended up spending more than I wanted to due to returning multiple times even though I used their measurement charts. My advice...measure and then buy 1 size larger.
Great Upgrade from my Basic G-Form pads
BY Bobby Nov 13, 2019
I bought the original G-Form elbow pads 3-4 years ago and am still using them to this day. I thought I could use a little extra padding now (as I get older), so I purchased the Pro-X2 pads and they are just as comfortable as the original pads. There was no slippage down the arms, and I couldn't even tell I was wearing them during the first ride with them. Excellent!
A little snug
BY Tony Nov 13, 2019
I must be in between sizes because the pair of elbow pads I got were a little too snug on my biceps. I know I didn't want to go a size larger because the previous pair I had kept sliding down. So these I got stayed in place after a 13-mile ride but after about 10 miles I felt it pinching a bit on my biceps but that's still better than having them slide down to my forearms.
BY Megan Nov 6, 2019
Great products!
BY Charles Oct 30, 2019
I got the pads, and the used them at the bike park all day. The best thing I can say about them is that I forgot I had them on. Because they’re not bulky, I was also able to use them under a long sleeve shirt with no problem.
Great Pads
BY Richard Oct 24, 2019
These fit well. Stayed in place my whole ride and didn't interfere with my mobility. I felt more confident riding with them on. I have not crashed with them on, so I can't comment on how they would hold up.
Impressive on all levels
BY AMANDA Oct 15, 2019
From the ease of ordering, product details, FAST delivery AND follow up, I'm forever a fan of G-Form products. I'm so happy with the superior quality and customer service. It's important to have both.
BY Joe Oct 13, 2019
Product seems to be made well, unfortunately I haven't had an opportunity to try them out
Elbow pads
BY Willy Oct 9, 2019
I always wear a long sleeve base layer and now wear these under. Don’t even notice I have them on which is the best part.
Great quality product and range of motion, some fit improvement could be had
BY Robert Oct 4, 2019
This is first a quality well made product. They way it is designed also allows for quite a free range of motion. The only suggestion I have is to revisit fit. At least for me it seems that I should be a large and the lower part of forearm fits perfectly but the top silicone band up on the bicep upper arm area was too tight. So maybe the taper was too flat vs should be bigger. It could also be that the way they seamed it, it's a bit rough and you feel the threads rubbing against your arm and the stretch is not as giving to adapt to a bigger variety of size proportions. So it was uncomfortable and I had to go with XL which felt better but then the lower forearm was a little looser.
Great products
BY Kirk Sep 26, 2019
Everything I was hoping they'd be. I brought both the Pro-X2 Knee & elbow pads for mountain biking. Comfortable, stayed in place, basically forgot I was even wearing them. Thankfully I haven't crashed yet so I can't comment on their protection ability. Definitely recommend!
Great lightweight pads
BY Shane Sep 25, 2019
I ride MTB bike parks, these pads are enough protection and they don’t slide down at all. Even on rooty, rocky descents.
Great fit
BY James Sep 19, 2019
Light weight and easy to put under clothes.
fit well
BY Steve Sep 19, 2019
I have had these on for a few rides, stay on where they should. I haven't crashed on them yet so can't attest to their effectiveness, I've had knee-shin pads for a while and can say without a doubt they protect well.
Awesome Pads!
BY Eric Sep 18, 2019
These pads are by far the least intrusive to my riding I have ever had. I hardly noticed that they are on, and they barely slip during even the longest ride. Easy to clean and fast drying are just added bonuses. I will definitely buy these again if ever I should break mine.
The dog's bollocks (ask your Brit friends what it means :) )
BY jef Sep 11, 2019
These are great. Like the knee guards, fit is good and they don't slide. Impact protection seems well placed so I'll give them a thumbs up.
Excellent with Caveat
BY Ian Sep 8, 2019
Generally these are excellent. Good protection and cool, easily washable. The only thing that I would say against them is that they don’t fit as well as the knee pads. I used the fitting guide and measured my forearm and bicep as per instructions, but find these a bit tight around my bicep. As a comparison, I have the PRO-X2 knee pads which I also measured before ordering and the knee pads fit perfectly. Not a major complaint, they’re still really good.
Good to know I'm protected
BY Paula Sep 8, 2019
Thankfully I haven't had to "test" them yet, but I bought some for myself and my husband after he had a nasty spill on the mountain bike and landed directly on his elbow, and still has tenderness 3 months later. These are comfortable and move well with you (unlike another brand I tried), so I'm willing to wear them just in case. They're hotter than not wearing anything, but not too bad, even in Georgia in the summer.
Love it
BY Chandler Sep 6, 2019
I had the knee pads so I knew how comfy these are. It took a broken elbow to buy the elbow pads. Thankfully they’re just as awesome so I can keep riding and hopefully not break my elbow again. Really breathable and light which is why I like them. They stay put well. I took someone else’s advice and sized down and I’m glad I did. Great product. Highly recommend.
Good evolution of product
BY Keith Aug 31, 2019
I replaced my Pro X elbow pads with Pro X2s. Better in every way than the first version - stay in place better as well.
Fits well
BY Chuck Aug 29, 2019
Used them once so far, on a mountain bike ride. Didn't crash, so the protective capabilities were not tested. But I have faith these will protect my elbows. These feel well made, and are very comfortable. It fits so well that I almost forgot I had them on.
Great Product
BY Phil Aug 28, 2019
I was not real excited to start wearing pads while riding, but my riding is getting more aggressive and my age is getting higher, so healing is slower. I thought I would give these and try. It even took me a few rides before I convinced myself to actually put them on. Will not ride again without them. They are fantastic. Rode in some NASTY Missouri heat and humidity and once you get rolling you do not even realize you have them on any more. Great product!
BY Adriane Aug 27, 2019
Great protection!
Just what I expected and hopefully won't need.
BY Jeremiah Aug 27, 2019
I've not worn pads since I started MTB back with the first Trek 850 in 1984. I've always said I didn't want to ride trails that made it likely that I'd fall down. Just want a nice rice in the woods. Occasional falls of course have happened, but none with much damage. Now that I'm 67 and just did Dirt Fest in WV I find that I better wear them. Still recovering from damage to elbow and forearm.
The Pro-X2 pads fit great, feel good and don't interfere with movement as I feared pads would. I haven't fallen in them yet, so that part of the review will have to wait. In addition, the customer service is great! Thanks guys for a professional experience. JCD - former shop owner and MTB'r from the beginning. (non-gonzo type)
Fairly Comfortable
BY Nicholas Aug 13, 2019
They are well made and pretty comfortable. My measurements where perfect for size small, but they feel a bit tight.
Great feel & AWESOME customer service
BY Byron Aug 6, 2019
Only worn for two rides thus far, but feel is far better than my Fox pads worn for last 2 years. Guess I need to crash to give better review. More importantly at this stage is the customer service from G-Form. Initial order didn't arrive. After researching, I found USPS shipped back to G-Form. I used the online customer support chat to get in touch with G-Form and explained that I wanted the pads for a trip to Crested Butte in less than a week. They shipped out express mail and got them to me days before I left. THANK YOU. Hopefully I don't need them in CB but I will wear them!
G-Form Response
Glad it all worked out, Byron! Good luck.
Snug fit yet don't restrict movement.
BY Dan Jul 23, 2019
The Pro-X2 Elbow Pads stay in place, yet feel comfortable and don't restrict movement. Great protection for those unsuspected spills.
Excellent product
BY John Jul 23, 2019
Rode 20 miles, at 9.500' elevation, 80 degrees, barely noticed these pads, easy to pop on and off, a definite winner. Fast shipping, normal sizing, and flexible enough to move where you want them on your forearm.
Nice design
BY Bob Jul 20, 2019
Nice, comfortable, not too hot. No crash test yet.
5 star
BY Darrell Jun 5, 2019
AWESOME. Great for playing keeper!
Best Ever
BY Skidude May 30, 2019
My Pro-X2 Elbow pads are the best protection for my arms I've ever worn. They fit great, stay in place and doesn't slip even on rough trails. They give me the confidence to push harder. I would not hesitate to recommend these to other riders.
Didn’t protect
BY Amy May 28, 2019
Have worn previous versions of g form elbows and thought I’d try to new X2. Took a really hard fall a rock slab all in my right side. My entire right elbow has deep abrasions where there should have been then most protection. I have the smallest size XS, which has fit in the past. I tore the sleeve and unsure if the pad moved when I slid but I was hoping for much better protection against a crash like this but it seemed like the entire pad moved when I slid across the rock. The abrasion is exactly where there should have been protection.
G-Form Response
Hi Amy, so sorry about your experience with these pads. Someone in customer service will reach out to your shortly to further address this issue. Thank you from the G-Form team.
BY DAVE May 7, 2019
Can't believe how they stress out the impact so it is not felt.
BY anthony Apr 5, 2019
Fit very well. VERY COMFORTABLE. Breathable.
Great pads
BY Ian Apr 3, 2019
Great pads that are nice and protective and very breathable. My one recommendation is to size down 1 size.
G-Form Response
Thanks Ian for your feedback and for letting us know about sizing!
They put my mind at ease
BY Reid Apr 3, 2019
Great product, flexible durable, I completely forget that I have them on. I mountain bike and they are very useful and have prevented injuries in the month that I've had them.
G-Form Response
Thank you Reid for your feedback!
Great Coverage
BY Joseph Mar 28, 2019
These elbow pads are awesome! They go down to the middle of your forearm an you can barely tell they are there. If you're thinking of buying these..pull the trigger!

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