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Pro-X2 Knee Pads

You can't wear bulky, uncomfortable pads that hold you back. But when the elements turn against you, it could put you on the sideline, and you can't let that happen. With Pro-X2 Knee Pads, you have the protection you need, when you need it. The rest of the time, you won't even know it's there. Go ride!

Featuring SmartFlex™: Flexible as you Ride. Hardens on Impact.

  • ?Comfortable: Lightweight, flexible pads giving you total comfort during any ride
  • ?Body-mapped impact absorbing SmartFlex™pads
  • ?Secured: Compression sleeves with silicone gripper to keep your pads secure
  • ?Ventilated: Stay cool with ventilated pads and moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ fabric
  • ?30 day return policy

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Customer Reviews

Avg 4.7 out of 5 Stars (49 Reviews)
I thought this was the solution
BY Fletcher Jan 8, 2020
I purchased PRO-X2 Knee Pads on September 13. the padding is great. I don't feel the ground when my knee hit. I have used them 20-30 times. Now the material is coming apart from the padding. I would like to get these Knee pads replaced.
Sizing measurements were perfect
BY Dave Jan 7, 2020
Large fit as described. Thanks
Very comfortable and confidence inspiring
BY Justin Jan 7, 2020
With all the new gravity oriented trails being built in northwest Arkansas, I've been pushing my boundaries on the type of riding I've been doing. These are a must have for when the terrain gets rough - plus they are hardly noticeable while pedaling. I haven't taken a huge hit on them but I feel confident they certainly help. I am a little hesitant on the long term quality as it seems like these might break down early as the fabric and construction seems a little dainty.
Sizing a little off
BY Carl Jan 1, 2020
I really like these knee pads, but I think the XXL fits a little loosely for the measurements I took. They slide down on me, but I definitely think the xl would be perfect. Great value pads. If you're close between sizes, go for the smaller set.
Worth the $
BY William Dec 25, 2019
Stay in place well enough and they don't get in the way like most pads.
Love them!
BY Kenneth Dec 13, 2019
Great buy!
Great product
BY Martin Dec 13, 2019
Great product. I wish I would have had g-form much earlier in life. Pads fit perfectly.
Overall excellent product
BY MICHAEL Dec 10, 2019
Overall excellent pads.. Once I am pedaling, I barely know they are there. When I first used knee pad, the sleeve was a bit low and caused knee pain when I pedaled. However, when the pads were hiked up to align the round part of the pad with the patella- no more pain. The pads stay put, do not bunch up behind the knee, and stay put. Outstanding product. I like the idea of using the principles of a non-Newtonian fluid to provide impact protection!
Knee guards
BY Christopher Dec 7, 2019
I love the fact that they fit real well. They don't fall down on the ride, and you barely even know you’re riding with knee guards. I’ve yet to really put them to the test/fall, but I’ve heard so much about how they do protect well, which is why I bought them.
Knee Pads met my expectations.
BY Colin Dec 4, 2019
I used the product once so far and wore the product for approximately 8 hours. I found the product to stay in place, which other products moved over the same time period. Knee Pads protected my knees resulting from excessive riding a snowmobile while rubbing knees on snowmobile shrouding.
Great Knee Protection
BY Matt Nov 30, 2019
These pads are very sturdy and conceal well under jeans for stealthy protection at the skate park.
Great Pads
BY Tim Nov 19, 2019
These are a lot more comfortable than i expected them to be.
Lightweight and Virtually Unnoticeable
BY Bobby Nov 13, 2019
I've never had much luck with knee pads in the past, but thought I would give these a shot since I do like the G-Form elbow pads. I was afraid that they would ride down my leg as my ride progressed, but they never did. I was amazed that they stayed in place through some rough single track, and I never needed to adjust them. They were virtually unnoticeable during the ride. No crimping behind the knees, and they stayed straight throughout. Excellent!
Excellent product!
BY James Oct 30, 2019
These are great pads. They are comfortable even in high heat. I live in S. Florida so sweating is a way of life. I don't even notice them on. Can't speak for their protection as I haven't had any knee related crashes so far (fingers crossed), but they feel like they would do their job.
BY Joe Oct 13, 2019
The elbow and knees pads seem like they're built really well, unfortunately I haven't had an opportunity to try them out.
Excellent product, good value for money
BY Michael Oct 8, 2019
I had fallen off my road bike twice in a week and skinned my knee. I bought a knee protector from Play it again Sports as a temporary measure, but it was very bulky. I bought the Pro-X2 knee pads and they came in a timely manner. Very comfortable and I am much more confident when riding on gravel. Also, it has become much colder in the Chicago area where I live and underneath my long bike pants, they not only protect but add another layer of warmth when I ride in the AM. Would buy them again.
Didn’t even notice...
BY Chris Oct 1, 2019
Until I buried a knee into a slippery corner on a really rocky and rooted trail. The Pro-X2 pads are so light and comfortable that I didn’t really notice I had them on. Such a great addition to my riding kit!!
Awesome Pads!
BY Eric Sep 18, 2019
These pads are by far the least intrusive to my riding I have ever had. I hardly noticed that they are on, and they barely slip during even the longest ride. Easy to clean and fast drying are just added bonuses. I will definitely buy these again if ever I should break mine.
Pretty rad, but I'd make one change if I could...
BY jef Sep 11, 2019
First off, they're awesome. The fit is good and they don't slide like some other brands. The protection is good....where it's there. I would love to see a bit more side of the knee protection. It always seems to be the outside of my leg just below my knee that gets the brunt of the damage. If the lateral protection on the outside were to match the front pads these would be perfect.
Super impressed
BY Cayle Sep 5, 2019
I don't normally wear knee pads but tried these after purchasing a set for my son. They were very comfortable, did not slide down my leg and were barely noticeable when in use. Definitely a product I will recommend to others!
Pro-X2 definite improvement over version 1
BY Keith Aug 31, 2019
I own the Pro-X (version 1) elbow and knee pads, which I've been riding on for the last few seasons. I purchased the Pro-X2 elbow and knee pads recently in the same size that I own. First, I'll say that the improvements in the design of the X2's are certainly a step forward. However, I found that the sizing is different between the two versions. While the same size (large) in the elbow pad fits fine, the same size (Extra-large) in the new Pro-X2 knee pads is way too big for me. It seems that you need to downsize if you're coming from the previous model. I called customer service and they offered me a discount on a new pair since I already wore them. Since they are the 3rd set of pads I've bought from the company, and they are virtually brand new, at this price point I was surprised that they didn't offer to replace the pads as a matter of good business policy. Love the product (wear these pads more frequently over my POCs and others) but didn't feel like customer service was listening to me when I explained the sizing difference. I'm giving a 4-star review because I'm assuming that the correct size will work as well as the first version, should I eventually order it (wearing version 1s again). One star off for not replacing the wrong size for free, which would have gone a long way.
Essential Kit for Trail Riding
BY Frank Aug 30, 2019
I come from a XC/road riding background, and am relatively new to modern trail riding. So I was skeptical about the need to wear knee pads, but I bought a pair at my friend's strong recommendation. Boy am I grateful for that decision. I've been riding for about 3 weeks now, and the knee pads perform as the should: you forget you're wearing them while pedaling, but they protect your knees when you crash. I recently took a spill after pushing it on the local trails, and my knees were unscathed. I can't say the same thing about my elbow. I ordered a pair of Pro-X2 Elbow Pads, and will wear both my knee pads and my elbow pads from now on.
Fits well
BY Chuck Aug 29, 2019
Used them once so far, on a mountain bike ride. Didn't crash, so the protective capabilities were not tested. But I have faith these will protect my knees. These feel well made, and are very comfortable. It fits so well that I almost forgot I had them on. These are thin enough that I can wear them under my jeans if I have to do repair work around the house.
Great Product
BY Phil Aug 28, 2019
I was not real excited to start wearing knee pads while riding, but my riding is getting more aggressive and my age is getting higher, so healing is slower. I thought I would give these and try. It even took me a few rides before I convinced myself to actually put them on. Will not ride again without them. They are fantastic. Rode in some NASTY Missouri heat and humidity and once you get rolling you do not even realize you have them on any more. Great product!
Just what I expected and hopefully won't need.
BY Jeremiah Aug 27, 2019
I've not worn pads since I started MTB back with the first Trek 850 in 1984. I've always said I didn't want to ride trails that made it likely that I'd fall down. Just want a nice rice in the woods. Occasional falls of course have happened, but none with much damage. Now that I'm 67 and just did Dirt Fest in WV I find that I better wear them. Still recovering from damage to elbow and forearm.
The Pro-X2 pads fit great, feel good and don't interfere with movement as I feared pads would. I haven't fallen in them yet, so that part of the review will have to wait. In addition, the customer service is great! Thanks guys for a professional experience. JCD - former shop owner and MTB'r from the beginning. (non-gonzo type)
Great product.
BY Bryan Aug 23, 2019
I use these for inline skating and the work great. Better than super bulky knee pads and give me just enough protection when I do eat it.
Better late than never..
BY Jess Aug 21, 2019
I've been saying I would try these since I road rashed my right knee and leg last summer. I did the left one three weeks ago. So, today I am back on the bike with the protection. Nothing epic, had the guards on for about two hours in 90 degree heat. I can't say I don't notice them, but they are comfortable. When I crash again, will be the real test.
Better late than never..
BY Jess Aug 21, 2019
I've been saying I would try these since I road crashed my right knee and leg last summer. I did the left one three weeks ago. So today I am back on the bike with the protection. Nothing epic, had the guards on for about two hours in 90 degree heat. I can't say I don't notice them, but they are comfortable. When I crash again, will be the real test.
Fairly Comfortable
BY Nicholas Aug 13, 2019
They are well made and pretty comfortable. My measurements where perfect for size small, but they feel a bit tight... especially at the top and bottom where the band to keep them in place is. I might try to investigate what a medium feels like someday but I cannot afford it at the moment, and I suspect that if the pad isn't tight it would likely slide away from protection when you fall.
We shall see
BY Michael Aug 2, 2019
I received the pads quickly, which was nice. I used them one time and they are very comfortable. I went to use them again, and when pulling up the top of the pad, the gel protector pad stitching unraveled, causing a small hole. I was able to use some heavier thread and needle to sew it back up, but this should not happen after only wearing once
Just wear them!
BY Fat Tony Aug 2, 2019
Finally I've got knee pads that don't ride in my pack most of the time. These are comfortable enough to not overheat during the climbs and don't leave raq spots on the legs after just an hour. Thanks for the protection you can actually use!
Excellent, minimal hindrance
BY dhiman Jul 23, 2019
Very impressed with the knee pads, did not crash yet so do not yet know how effective they will be in protecting the knees - looks and feels very well made. They tend to run a size short - first few times I thought its a tad too tight, but after few days either it stretched a little bit or I got accustomed to it. Far better pads than the one I originally purchased from a different company. I gave a 4 star only on the value front, because I feel while excellent, they are not inexpensive.
Excellent Knee Pads
BY Marco Jul 23, 2019
This is actually my second pair of knee pads, my first pair lasted 4 years and saved my knees several times, yes I always wear my knee pads when I ride my MTB. The product is extremely good, reliable, well priced, washable, and does an excellent job protecting my knees. I have referred this knee pads to my friends who are equally happy with the performance, price, and quality.
Great protection, and comfortable!
BY Dan Jul 23, 2019
Lightweight, flexible and comfortable. The Pro-X2 Knee Pads provide excellent protection while being extremely comfortable to wear.
So light you forget you're wearing them
BY Guayoman Jul 23, 2019
Light, flexible, ventilated.
Nice Pads
BY John Jul 23, 2019
I've only done one ride with them and no crashes. However, they stayed up for the most part and are light and not too hot (it was 80 F outside). Two things; the sizing information between the website and actual product don't exactly agree (you can't return them once you have ridden in them), and I wish the pad wrapped around the knee about another 1/2" on each side. Otherwise a good product.
G-Form Response
Hi John,

Thank you for your feedback.
Cooler than I thought they would be
BY Zac Jul 8, 2019
Just got back from three days of riding in Fruita. Yes, it's hot there in July but just ride from 5A-10A and you're good. These knee pads (and elbow too) are comfortable to wear while pedaling and are more breathable and cooler than I thought they would be. Great product, I recommend these to all riders.
BY Dennis Jun 25, 2019
I was looking for comfortable knee protection that would fit inside my boots and my pants for trail riding. These fit well but haven't been crash tested (yet).
Great Protection!
BY Lesley Jun 23, 2019
Comfortable to climb in. No slip. Form fitting.
Awesome Design & Super Comfortable
BY Emfabich Jun 14, 2019
These knee pads are exactly what I wanted. I love the light-weight feel, the easy slide on style, and the breathability. The silicone grip on the top and bottom are really helpful for keeping the knee pads in place for the duration of the day. The coverage over the knee is solid and very flexible. I didn't feel restricted in my pedaling at all.
Better than expected
BY Brandon Jun 13, 2019
The material is very comfortable to wear and they grip to my legs very well no matter how sweaty I get! I've taken a few falls and they have held up so far.
Great Product
BY Seth May 22, 2019
I’ve been out on these twice so far. I can’t say for sure how they’ll perform in a crash, but I’ve worn them for a good 18 miles of riding, my last ride was a hot day with a thousand foot climb before some very technical descents and they felt great. They breathe really well.
Great fit.
BY DAVE May 7, 2019
Can't believe how they stress out the impact so it is not felt. Right with the measurements they say to do in sizing.
Fantastic Product
BY Kyle May 6, 2019
Really do like the firm fit of the knee pads. Comfortable yet very forgiving on impact. Will buy again!
You forget you have them on!
BY Chris Apr 30, 2019
Great set of knee pads, excellent for pedaling and daily trail rides, you forget you have them on! On top of that I experienced excellent customer service from the company! Wonderful!
I have owned a pair of these and beat them to a pulp...
BY Jennyd Apr 17, 2019
I have owned a pair of these and beat them to a pulp. So I ordered the “new version” and after online chat decided to get the x-tra small. Well they looked like a kid size. The coverage was not what I was hoping for. So i got the regular ones, but I am disappointed that i had to pay for return shipping. I then ordered the new ones off Amazon. I would still recommend these for tamer trails.
G-Form Response
Thank you for your feedback!
Breathable and secure
BY anthony Apr 5, 2019
Rode 2.5 miles up hill and forgot they were on. No extra sweat, no noticeable position movement.
Great stuff
BY Ian Apr 3, 2019
I still love gform pads, they are not always the most protective, but these ones do a pretty damn good job of them. Very breathable and well fitting. Would recommend!
Ride with more confidence
BY Reid Apr 3, 2019
Great product, flexible durable, I completely forget that I have them on. I mountain bike and they are very useful and have prevented injuries in the month that I've had them.

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