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Elite Knee-Shin Guard

The G-Form Elite Knee-Shin Guards are built for the extreme athlete who needs it all. Our Elite Knee-Shin Guards are CE 1621 Level 1 certified, the highest standard for motorcycle armor. Forget about the hassle of separate knee and shin pads, Elite Knee-Shin Guards combine the articulation of our knee pad with integrated shin protection and lateral knee coverage. Sold in pairs.

  • ? CE certified for motorcyclist/bicyclist limb protector (CE EN 1621-1:2012)
  • ?Body-mapped impact absorbing SmartFlex™ pads
  • ? Moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ compression fabric keeps wearer dry and comfortable
  • ? 2-panel design for second-skin fit
  • ? Technical mesh back panel for breathability and moisture-wicking
  • ?30 day return policy

  • Also available in youth, learn more.

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Customer Reviews

Avg 4.8 out of 5 Stars (26 Reviews)
BY bill Dec 13, 2019
Stay in place and protects. Comfortable top band feels tight at first but breaks in and is fine.
BY Jorge Dec 2, 2019
Good enough for stunt work...
Protection and comfort
BY Lia Nov 26, 2019
I like them because they're flexible and comfortable and still protect me when I race BMX.
- Julian, 15
Protect your shins
BY STUART Nov 23, 2019
This pair is to replace ones I ruined in a crash. I hit a fallen branch from a storm that night. My knee & shins were perfect. If my friend did not tell me to look what happened to the old pair, I wouldn't have realized until later. Saved my leg!
Light, flexible, comfortable
BY Andrew Nov 19, 2019
I had been using a larger set of knee pads for some time, but found that they were so unwieldy that I would never actually want to wear them. I wore a pair of these borrowed from a friend and immediately went to buy a pair for myself. They're comfortable enough that you hardly feel them while spinning, light enough that you can wear on warm summer days, and snug enough that they stay in position even while jostling around all day. Highly recommend.
BY Jason Nov 16, 2019
All I can say is the quality and comfort speak for themselves!
Comfortable and stays in place
BY Tony Nov 13, 2019
Just like the title says, they're very comfortable because they conform to the body part they're protecting and they stayed in place even after a 10+ mile sweaty ride. Sometimes I forget I'm even wearing them.
No bruised knees & shins
BY Stuart Nov 9, 2019
G Form pads are FABULOUS! They have saved me from multiple injuries from jumping roots, rocks & logs while mtb in woods.
Perfect for the trades!
BY Matthew Oct 26, 2019
As a contractor I’m always kneeling on rough terrain. Any contractor knows the pain of kneeling on a small pebble or on a joist. These knee/shin pads fit snug, stay and place and best of all hide very easy under pants. The do not impede my movement and my knees no longer ache everyday! They do run small though I suggest buying one size larger than the chart recommends.
Great product
BY Pabel Sep 6, 2019
Comfy, provide great coverage, and make me feel confident at the bike park. I've yet to really test them (haven't fallen) but I'm sure they'll do the job when the time comes.
Great pads
BY Gino Sep 2, 2019
Highly recommended.
Great product
BY Jose Sep 2, 2019
Amazing fit as well as comfort. I enjoyed these so much I ordered the elbow pads.
Overall happy
BY Arthur Aug 20, 2019
It was hard to find lightweight knee pads that gives you some shin protection. Overall they are comfortable and provide adequate protection. I wish there was some more adjustability in the tightness around the legs. They are a little tight for me. I think I was in-between sizes. We will see how durable they are long term.
As advertised!
BY Kristi Aug 17, 2019
These are awesome! I wear them mountain biking and they perform great! They are light, a bit warm but worth the shin protection!
BY newbs Aug 12, 2019
pros: feels like a second skin, making it a great light weight option for both cross country and downhill mountains.
cons: backs of pads knick and tear easily. Especially if you are a newbie and you walk lots, the backs of pads snag easily on your peddles when walking bike over skinnies.

I would love GFORM to have a repair option, to sew pads onto new sleeves. ...hint hint. ;)
fit great. hardly know i have them on.
BY Jay Jul 31, 2019
easy to ride with. flexible, light, and they stay put. great protection without the bulk.
Great product
BY thomas Jul 16, 2019
Great fit, great coverage and don't really notice they are there while climbing. Already recommended to a couple of riding buddies.
Overall great quality product
BY Marlow Jul 2, 2019
I've used this product twice. I have not had an accident with it yet, but this knee shin guard fits very comfortably. Doesn't feel bulky. Light weight and easily fits under your gear too.
Best knee and shin guards for all around mountain biking
BY Jordan Jun 6, 2019
Lightweight and breathable. Great for mountain biking! Only con is that they will slowly slide down as you bike. There is not really any way to avoid this that I have found, as no product stays perfectly in place. Overall the best knee and shin guards for all around mountain biking.
Excellent Customer Service
BY Teresa May 30, 2019
Even though my measurements were on the high end of the small size, I ordered a medium. However, they were extremely tight, but since I wore them they couldn’t be exchanged. I contacted G-form to talk with them about their sizing. They were extremely empathetic and helped me get another pair. I wasn’t expecting that. These guards do their job as I went down on my knee during a recent ride and felt no pain, and there was no bruised knee. They do tend to be a bit warmer than another brand that I own, but are definitely more comfortable.

BY Shelley May 24, 2019
Absoutley love the G Form Knee/shin pads. Like how they fit, how they feel riding, non-binding just plain comfortable. Have crashed once or twice and always seem to smash a knee first and that just plain hurts. Wearing my G Form pads I have extremely happy knees and shins.
Great and unimpeded protection
BY Joseph Apr 18, 2019
I am relatively new to aggressive inline skating. These certainly helped give me the confidence to push further. Great!
BY EJ Apr 6, 2019
Maybe my height and shape are just in that bad luck in-between sizes category but I found the medium to be too bulky but the small do not cover the shin/knee as they should. I love the g-form product line and wear the knee pads every time I’m out skating. Looks like I’ll have to do a combination knee pad and separate shin guard for my size. Thanks.
G-Form Response
So sorry to hear that EJ. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service if you need further assistance,
Shin guard review
BY Ryan rasmussen Mar 21, 2019
I use these for aggressive inline skating. Impacts to the shin and knee are common and these have saved me on many occasions from otherwise nasty bruises or shin splitters.

They’re moisture wicking and breathable. There are rubber bands that’s prevent slipping. All around great product.
Former XC
BY Sc Mar 21, 2019
Used it once so far on my new AM ride. I’m an XC at heart so I never had a need for these. Feels good, flexible, doesn’t slip.

It was a bit hot, but I’m riding at 65 degrees in “pants” so that’s expected.

Highly recommended.
Fantastic Protection
BY Morgan Mar 21, 2019
Having had my knee dislocated during a sparring match - my teacher has been begging me to get adequate protection, but nothing really worked. Volleyball knee pads were too bulky and shifted underneath my hakama and other knee coverings were too inflexible and didn't do much when it came to how I felt the impact of a cut that was supposed to hit my shin but got my knee instead - a fairly common occurrence with new practitioners. When I purchased the Knee-Shin Guard, I did so because it would (in theory) protect the whole of my knee cap and some of the shins without interfering with my movement or the armor that covers the guards. It was super cold when the gear arrived and I was worried that things would be too stiff, but after warming up the gear a bit, my worries were completely unfounded. The compression fabric makes the gear easy to slip on and off and the protective pieces are wonderfully flexible and light. It was easy to pull on my armor over top of the sleeve and my movement wasn't at all impacted. The Knee-Shin Guards did move around a bit during the course of practice, but I believe that's largely due to the fact that that's because I wore them on top of my leggings and then had another set of pants over top. Impact wise, this is absolutely fantastic - I scarcely felt a heavy hit and for the first time in 7 years I went home without bruises in the most common places!! I will, without a doubt recommend this product!!!

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